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Different types of music

There are several genres of music. Moreover, others are emerging with time. Blues is one of the popular music genres. It is divided into various types that include jump blues, Chicago blues, piedmont, and delta. The other old genre is classic music, which is divided into opera, choral, symphony, Madrigals, and chamber music. It is quite similar to country music, which originated from Southern America. The dance tunes and ballads with simple form and harmonies are played with the help of electric guitars, acoustic, and banjoes.
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Electronic music is a form of music, which defines that character and quality of music ought to be synthetic. In this case, music is manipulated and created by electronic instead of performance of the acoustic instrument. This form of music began in the 1940s. Jazz is a popular genre that is a mix of the European traditions and African sound traditions. You should note that African undertones are evident in a mixture of blue notes, swing notes, and polyrhythm.

Pop music continues to rock. It describes the sound, which evolved from roll and rock revolution of the 1950s. Nowadays, popular music is one that is associated with tastes and interests of the urban middle class. Metal music is powerful and characteristic type of music, which includes aggressive electric guitars and bass drums.

Music is something that everyone loves. It makes us feel happy, it gives us more energy and can change our emotions. There are so many different types of music. Some people love soul and some metal. Everybody has a different preference.



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